• Health Care

    Widely recognized as a thought leader in the health care industry, Loeb & Troper is playing an essential role working with providers, systems and payors. We have a demonstrated track record for helping clients identify opportunities and assess the changing regulatory environment.
  • Managed Care

    With wholesale changes to a managed care environment, Loeb & Troper has played a critical role in assisting payers, providers and new entrants to the market.
  • Not-For-Profit

    Loeb & Troper has played a leading role in addressing and monitoring issues that affect not-for-profit organizations for almost 100 years and is widely acknowledged as a thought leader in the not-for-profit industry.
  • Special Needs

    Loeb & Troper is uniquely positioned to help special needs providers navigate specific industry issues against a backdrop of broader health care changes that are creating a new framework through which all providers must operate.
  • Education

    Widely acknowledged as the “go-to” firm for a wide range of education clients, Loeb & Troper is helping clients successfully navigate a changing marketplace.