The Business of Education

With a changing landscape in the way education is delivered and paid for, we have seen the migration of students away from traditional school settings, the advent of charter schools, questions raised about the inequalities found in the public school setting and the growing concern about the cost of higher education. Never before has there been so much attention and focus on issues related to the “business” of education.

Providing Education: Challenging and Competitive

Balancing the time-honored work of providing quality education with the ever-growing complexities embedded into the operations, finances, compliance and governance structures, has made the act of providing education amongst the most challenging and competitive.

Widely acknowledged as the “go-to” firm for a wide range of education clients, Loeb & Troper is helping clients successfully navigate a changing marketplace:

  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Compliance
  • Fundraising
  • Fiduciary Responsibilities of Trustees
  • Start-up operations
  • Migrating to a Business Culture/Complexity of Business
  • Understanding of industry-specific risks

Education Entities Served:

  • Private Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Boarding Schools
  • Higher education
  • Religious Schools