Not-for-Profit Sector: Complex. Influential. Impactful.

From addressing the most complex issues of our time to helping the neediest citizens to preserving valued cultural works to shaping policy, the Not-For-Profit sector represents an enormous range of program types that reflect an immense spectrum of social priorities, a demanding regulatory environment that is ever-growing and funding streams that are as complex and varied as those of Fortune 500s.

Balancing Mission With Business Orientation

With close to two million not-for-profits in the Nation, the sector is one of the most important, influential and complex. The scope and economic impact of the sector rivals every for-profit sector in the Nation.

Planning for and navigating the complicated challenges and opportunities of not-for-profits, requires extensive expertise and knowledge and rigorous monitoring of issues. Balancing a business orientation with a mission-driven charge is a significant and on-going challenge, particularly against a backdrop of unprecedented issues:

  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Compliance
  • Diversification of Funding Sources
  • Succession Planning/Leadership
  • Migrating to a Business Culture/Complexity of Business
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Board Responsibilities / Composition of Board
  • Understanding of industry-specific risks

Understand Industry-Specific Risk

Understanding the unique funding sources, regulatory environment, risk areas and reporting requirements takes extensive expertise and knowledge. Loeb & Troper has played a leading role in addressing and monitoring issues that affect not-for-profit organizations is widely acknowledged as a thought leader in the not-for-profit industry. Loeb & Troper is proud to include nearly 1,000 not-for- profit clients in its roster.

Not-for-Profit Entities Served:

  • Foundations
  • Social services
  • Cultural
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Religious