Special Needs Providers: Precipice of Historic Change

Widely considered a thought leader in the special needs setting, Loeb & Troper is playing a key role in guiding providers through an unprecedented landscape of change in the way services are delivered and reimbursed. Loeb & Troper is uniquely positioned to help special needs providers navigate specific industry issues against a backdrop of broader health care changes that are creating a new framework through which all providers must operate.

Convergence of Special Needs, Health Care and Managed Care

In addition to navigating special needs industry-specific issues, such as reimbursement methodologies, rate rationalization, decreasing margins and changes to the array of services, special needs providers will be simultaneously migrating to a managed care environment (DISCO) while breaking down traditional silos of health care services in order to deliver integrated care.

Extensive Depth of Knowledge

Loeb & Troper’s ability to draw upon our extensive depth of knowledge in the areas of special needs, health care and managed care provides value to special needs providers that extend beyond the reach of a general firm. This knowledge helps us develop customized audit programs, address complex tax issues and work with clients on highly sophisticated and critical consulting engagements, from which unprecedented decision making and planning are being made.

Special Needs Entities Served

  • OMH
  • SED
  • OCFS
  • Article 16 clinics
  • Article 28 clinics
  • Article 44 clinics
  • DISCOs
  • HARPs
  • Providers transitioning to managed care

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