NYSDOH Announces up $18.3 Million in Funding for Health Workforce Retraining

NTS department of healthThe New York State Department of Health (DOH), in consultation with the New York State Department of Labor, has announced the availability of funds for organizations proposing to train or retrain health industry workers to obtain new positions, meet the new job requirements of existing positions, or otherwise meet the requirements of the changing public health and health care market and the diversity of the populations seeking health care services.

Eligible activities include: activities to determine training needs, remediation activities, basic skills development, reorientation activities, counseling activities, skill development and enhancement, career advancement, and expansion of educational capacity.

Approximately $18.3 million is available, with maximum funding levels set per region and per project.


Eligible applicants for this RFA include organizations:

  • General Hospitals;
  • Health worker unions;
  • Long term care facilities;
  • Other health care facilities/agencies, including but not limited to: certified home health agencies, licensed home care services agencies, long term health care programs, hospices, ambulatory care facilities, diagnostic and treatment facilities, providers licensed by the Office of Mental Health or the Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services;
  • Health care facilities trade associations;
  • Labor-management committees;
  • Joint labor-management training funds established pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Taft-Hartley Act; and,
  • Educational institutions.

Applicants must be capable of entering a binding Master Grant Contract (MGC) with DOH and have a minimum of 2 years’ training experience.

Applicants must identify a need for training in one or more of these areas for which they propose to train:

  • Provide training in occupations with documented shortages;
  • Provide needed expansion of educational capacity in shortage occupations;
  • Provide training targeted for workers who have experienced or are likely to experience job loss, or are recipients of public assistance due to changes in the public health or health care system;
  • Provide training for new job certification or licensing requirements; or,
  • Provide training in emerging technologies.

Important Dates and Additional Information:

Questions Due: May 15, 2018

Questions, Answers and Updates Posted: On or about May 25, 2018

Applications Due: June 22, 2018 by 4:00 pm (EST)

Access the RFA  here>>

We will be monitoring this initiative and providing updates as further information becomes available. For more information, or if we can assist you in understanding, development or submission of an application, please contact:

Rachel Dalton, Senior Healthcare Consultant


Deborah Lynch, RN, LNHA, Principal